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We are so Face: On right now!

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It’s all go at the moment. Tons of new work happening, drills buzzing and paint cans fizzing. All very exciting. We’re also bringing back some favourites like Face: On.

Nic and Hear Colours are installing their stunning interactive piece that incorporates a 3D face powered by a 10,000 lumen projector, cutting edge 3D graphic and video content and laser sensors for audience interaction. The defining aspect of Face:On is the obligation imposed on the audience to co-operate and create a their own experience, so come and see for yourself…

‘One foot in the grove’ Winter exhibition

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Here is the flyer for the winter exhibition, spread the word to one and all…

ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE ‘Christmas special’

‘One Foot in the Grove’ is back from the 4th of December.

Our festival of underground art provides a welcoming, inclusive and visually astounding experience for all ages in an atmospheric 12,000 square foot setting just off Portobello Road. Walk amongst giant sculptures, installations and unique artwork and hang out for good times at our licensed bar with proper music and delicious grub.

The gallery room offers exclusive posters, prints, originals, sculptures, photography, clothing and object d’art that make perfect prezzies for you and your discerning friends and family. We provide that much needed alternative to the Xmas chaos of Oxford Street – so don’t miss out on the best show in town.

Full dates and opening times below. We look forwarding to seeing you in December!

Opening times:

Opens December 4th to December 20th – FRI / SAT / SUN

Fri – 2pm -10pm
Sat-1pm – 10pm
Sun – 12pm-9pm

We are also open 2 Wednesdays for the Portobello Winter Festival on the 9th & 16th December – 6pm -10pm



£2 before 6pm / £3 there after

Ding dong brrring on December!

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We’re excited to announce a host of new work from the Mutoids, some of the world’s great street artists and the screening of some stunning films in association with the Portobello Film Festival. More to come on the art soon but for now here is a trailer for Three Miles North of Molkom which we’ll be showing on the 18th – if you missed it first time around, now’s your chance! It’s Director Rob Cannan’s birthday you see…

Thank you oh thank you thank you

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exterior 2We all had wicked time at One Foot, so a thousand thanks to you for coming. I for one cannot wait to open the gates again on FRIDAY 4TH DECEMBER. You’ll love the refreshed show, loads more info to come in the coming weeks so keep checking the blog for all the latest news!

Arcadia Spectacular

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The stunning steaming/flaming lampost trees at ‘one foot in the grove’ come from the inspired minds behind Arcadia. Some may have witnessed their spectacular arena at Glastonbury or further afield at Fuj Rocks. The lamposts surround a huge 360 degree stage that becomes a pyrotechnic visual delight and a sound system second to none! A massive big up from all the MuTATE family to Pip, Bert and all the team we look forward to more interesting collaborations in the future. Further info on Arcadia here plus check out this video…

‘One foot in the grove’

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Below is a selection of image and reviews from ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE. We will be featuring more images and films about the show here on the blog so stay tuned.

Images below are copyright to Tif Hunter

exterior 1

The site at night

exterior 2

Arcadia’s flaming lamposts more on these guys here

interior 1

The Time machine

interior 2

The Bar

Below is write up on the show from a visitor, it sums up a lot of what we are trying to achieve and put a massive cheeky grin on our faces!

“On saturday evening I went to see the new Mutate Britain show. Called ‘One Foot in the Grove’, its located in the Westway, near Ladbroke Grove in West London, under the bridge where London’s original Wall of Fame used to be.

The easiest way to describe it is an art show – but with the caveat that it’s probably the most mental, unique and appealing art show you’ve ever seen or been to. As the video above explains it’s an art show where you can actually ‘feel’ the art, and I think that’s a pretty accurate description. Regrouping works from the Mutoid Waste and Cordy House family collectives and their friends, it features paintings, graff pieces, ‘street art’, mutoid waste creations (aka the most mental, cyber-punk meets mad max art you’ve ever seen) as well as a fully fledged ‘art gallery’. Oh and a bar, food stalls, shops and shows from Mutoid Waste – generally involving their mechanic creations coming to life, fire, and associated crazyness.

The most remarkable thing for me, beyond the art itself and the way it was showcased, was without a doubt the mix of people there – from art types to graffers, hip hop heads to cyber-punks, squatters to tourists, locals to London residents, dogs to children, it was a truly open art show, one where you could argue that a lot of what makes art shows often ‘inaccessible’ to most people is thrown out of the window and a warm welcoming pair of arms extended to whoever fancies seeing some art, grabbing a drink and soaking in the atmosphere of a bunch of artists vibing together.

One of the guys I’m working with on the Original Cultures project, Will Barras, has done one of the walls as well as a friend of our Italian family Run. They both look dope as does the rest of the show. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s an experience before anything else, and also possibly the dopest art show I’ve ever been to. It’s inspired me for all these reasons and more.” Laurent on LO-LA.CO.UK

Image below copyright Gavin Watson

Image by Gavin Watson

Pakka the robotic horse

All images below copyright RomanyWG


The stage


Mr Hicks




Joe Rush


Carrie reichardt


Will Barass / Xenz / Mr Jago


Best Ever


Paul Insect


David Walker


Bleach / Zadok / Busksiteatnight

The site at night




Giles Walker




Sam Haggerty




Joe Rush


Sam Haggerty

Thanks for all the positive comments, we will be returning to give you some festive cheer!

“Absolutely incredible, definitely go and see it if you get chance!!”

“Amaaaazing o-o”

“just been – it’s wicked!”

“Have just been to visit you guys and as always you have put on an amazing show. Keep ont truckin!”

“it’s the place to be!”


“brilliant! kind of anti-Frieze… much stunning work, loved it, will be back…”

“Saw it and loves it!”

“This is Epic…What a show…well done boys n girls…Ya Big..”

“it was FAN/TAS/TIC”

“I was there last weekend. Loved it!”

“Really looking forward to coming to this. it seems like the IDEAL thing to come see after raving. my parent were really into the Mutoid Waste stuff and I’m only just catching up. XXX”

“I’ve been already and it’s terrific. Will be returning on Friday afternoon / evening.”

“i went along last Sunday, there’s some really great thought provoking work…. i’m thinking of coming along this weekend…to have another look…keep up the good work London needs this sort of thing.”

“It’s amaizing!!! I come back every week end!!!I swear…”

“I went the day it opened – it was amazing! Would have loved to have gone along in the evening sometime”

“Best exhibition ive ever been to.amazing”

Images below copyright to Ian Cox






Best Ever


Sam Haggerty

More to come…

If you have been to the show and have a cracking shot or want us to know what you thought of the show email it to us

Remember remember Matt Small’s show this 5th November!

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Straight after our Guy Fawkes mission to Parliament we’ll all be at Leonard Street gallery this Thursday for Matt Small’s Represent portrait show, come down and support The Single Homeless Project. Here’s a word from Matt on what you can expect to get at the exhibition which includes new work from Best Ever:

Best Ever 'Neith'

“Portraiture goes to the heart of how we relate to other people. When we look into someone’s eyes, we try to see what they really think, what we think we have in common and how we can understand them. Represent brings together a group of contemporary artists whose work deals with exactly these issues.”


Private view November 5th 6pm – 9pm – Show ends Nov 11th

Blackall Studios 73 Leonard St London EC2A 4QS