Behind the Shutters

‘Behind the Shutters’ DEC 2008


We hosted 30,000 visitors over nineteen days, families, art fans and curious new comers emerged from all corners to make the exhibition well worth all the hard work. It was created by the passion and commitment of the team and without external financial support.


Giles Walker’s Robot Dancers

dancing-lamp_1121320iImage – David Rose

Joe Rush / Mutoid Wste Co

joerush_wallkandyImage – Wallkandy
Image – Ken Sparks

LRRY / Lyle the Dog

3073332137_fe069485d3Image – Romanywg

One Response to “Behind the Shutters”

  1. I can’t say how good the people and art is. I went to “One Foot in the Grove” and believe me you can go almost anytime and can’t miss it being under the flyover!!! Just go, I have no affiliation at all with any of them. It’s made me regret not seeing more but the key is to start whenever you realise…

    Most of us have simply lost how to do be ourselves or worry about what others think when seeing all of us challenging ourselves. Seeing and *talking* to artists in real life is priceless.

    I’m constantly hoping these artists can spend more time doing what they like and don’t have to resort to working an inhibiting life-sucking souless 9-5 job and die from the inside.

    If anyone (artist or otherwise) needs help, even if it’s seperating materials or moving stuff, just email and I’ll most likely help…. My sole goal is to help and learn from people in general. I have plenty of time put aside for that so please take advantage……………………… and you can tell me to duck off whenever you want too and I won’t mind or expect anything.

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