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Donate Link

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Hello – sorry a lot of you have been letting us know that the link button to donate is not showing on all your computers. Here it is


Many thanks for all your support so far. we will soon have information for you on the next show. In the mean time if anyone is interested in hiring the space please contact or

A helping Hand

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As you may well know, Mutate Britain is finished. A big thank you to all that attended and we hope you enjoyed viewing the show as much as we enjoyed creating it.

To help us carry on making the gallery free we are asking all those who came to see the exhibition for your support. We are in a situation whereby if we do not raise enough funds we may not be able to keep the gallery.

We are asking you for your help with this – even if you can put a measly quid towards us that all adds up and is hugely appreciated.

Behind the Shutters gallery is the most exciting art space in Shoreditch and we have lots of great art lined up to show you in 09. We loved being able to let everyone in for free but our generousity has meant that we need a bit of your help now to bring another fantastic show to you.

Thank you in advance for anyone that can spare a few quid.

We hope to see you all soon

A great big thank you

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A note from Liam and The team at Cordy –

Now that the chaos from Mutate Britain and christmas has passed,  I’d like to thank everyone who got involved and helped out with MuTate Britain. Everyone who painted walls, swept floors, moved, cut and screwed things, everyone who brought their pictures in and to those who put them up.  

People came from all over Europe to get involved and thanks to the efforts of so many we made this exhibition really special.  Big pats on backs all round.

Thanks again for everyones efforts, it was so much work but well well well worth the effort, Have a good new year every body!!

Liam and Cordy house crew