Artcore International

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Artcore [International] is a Registered Charity that aims to support and promote all forms of art.

Artcore are actively involved in supporting One Foot in the Grove, as well as many of the artists whose work is on display here.

The Charity was formed in 1995 and is staffed entirely by volunteers. We provide work space for artists of limited means, run workshops, and present exhibitions and performances.

How can you help and/or become involved?

We now have a membership scheme that aims to assist in the distribution of information regarding upcoming events etc, and to promote cross-pollination between artists. Membership is open for anyone to join and will cost you £20 for the year. For this yopu will:

  • Be sent information about stuff that is happening
  • Have the opportunity to be involved in future events
  • Get invites to private views
  • Have the opportunity to contribute to the many projects the charity is involved in (such as Mutate Britain).

For information about membership or anything else send a request via email to:

2 Responses to “Artcore International”

  1. big ups from melbourne!
    amazing stuff, wish i was over there
    to lend a hand!

  2. After reading Rather good ideas on your Blog. I like. thank you for providing this good content

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