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Floss drops it a One Foot in the Grove

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Yes Floss, we’re listening, tell them! Directed by Hugo Levien at One Foot last year ‘ reaches the parts other cameras cannot reach’ !!!

Bilingual Blogging on Alapinta Crew in Chile

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This just in from Rod Palmer in Chile:

Graffiti has not slowed down in Chile following February’s earthquake, and the arrival in March of Chile´s first right-of-centre government since Pinochet. If anything it has regained new urgency.

Chilean graffiti writers are ever more recognized in surprisingly official contexts.  The local government is backing southern Chile´s finest graffiti crew ALAPINTA´s show at the heart of Temuco, in the plaza.  ALAPINTA formed in Temuco as students.  They describe themselves as a ´familia de amigos´ (family of friends).  The photo on the flier to their Temuco show has one of them painting with a roller: painting with latex, the medium of much South American graffiti, with roots in political protest painting.

ALAPINTA are Aner and Maher of Villarrica, GVZ and Cezo of Temuco, and Fiam of Valdivia. Aner has Mapuche roots.  ALAPINTA Crew support the cause of southern Chile´s indigenous Mapuche people.  The Santiago-based Mapuche band NüLKüWE (Liberation) gigged at ALAPINTA´s opening in Temuco.

And here it is en espanol!

Graffiti no ha cesado en Chile después del terremoto de febrero, y de la llegada en febrero del primero gobierno de la derecha en Chile desde Pinochet. Al contrario, el graffiti ha conquistado una nueva urgencia.

Escritores chilenos de graffiti están cada vez más reconocidos en contextos sorprendemente oficiales. ALAPINTA es la mejor crew de todo el sur del Chile. Se formaron a Temuco cuando eran estudiantes.  Se presentan como una ´familia de amigos´La foto en la flyer a la expo temucana muestra uno de ellos en polera y con rodillo: pintando con látex, en medio de mucho graffiti sudamericano, y con raíces en la pintura de protesta política.

ALAPINTA son Aner y Maher de Villarrica, GVZ y Cezo de Temuco, y Fiam de Valdivia.  Aner tiene raíces Mapuche. ALAPINTA promueve la causa de la gente indígena de Chile sureño.  La banda musical Mapuche, NüLKüWE (Liberación), tocó amenizando a ALAPINTA en Temuco.

NEW FEATURE: Street Art in Chile by Kelp

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Hola UK – I’m KELP from = Chile. A graffiti writer and entrepreneur who started graffiti writing in 1997 in Santiago de Chile by watching political murals and also graffiti masters doing their thing in Plaza Italia, downtown of Santiago. From Chiles capital I started to paint all over the country and then outside of Southamerica (Europe, Asia, USA) in which I painted with friends and slowly came to know many great people who were also creating and developing graffiti in many ways.

To get to the point I will write about chilean graffiti in short 150 word notes. Explain, show, describe, analyze everything around graffiti in Chile, directly from the streets with backup from the greatest graffiti writers, literature and live actions. Graffiti in Chile is getting worldwide recognition and you will find why, right here on a monthly basis.

Look deep into Chu’s box…

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So, Mutate’s Captain of British Industry, Gwarm built a box for chew with some other handy heroes. You can see a timeplapse of it’s erection here. Now, there have been a few eye tricky perspective painings (or Trompe D’Oeil if you feel like being a length) doing the rounds on the tinterweb of late – so Chu stepped up and smashed the face off these pretenders with this mind warping piece (it’s on the inside of the box). If you live in Birmingham, or perhaps are within sensible commuting distance, we recomend an inspection. Joe Rush has also made a new piece as part of this series – more to come on that very soon…

NEW FEATURE – direct from South America!

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The Street Art scene in South America is astounding. Everyone is talking about Brazillian Street Art with good reason – but what about the thriving Chilean scene and the developing styles of Argentina and Paraguay? At One Foot in the Grove we were very happy to host this work by Wolf and PXL from Chile…

…and we’ve got links to South America so watch this space for reports on the distinct and amazing styles happening over there. For now, check this video from Denotes hip hop & graffiti crew, of Asunción, Paraguay. Joma & Kast of Denotes are MCs and graffiti writers. In the background, there are typographic throw ups by them, and by Above, who came through Asunción.  Above and Denotes have been to Brazil, and their letters incorporate the Brazilian pixaçao lettering style.

Cheech blizzard! Ice cold skills from Busk

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It’s a winter wonderland here in London and to celebrate the snow thought we’d get this gem from the archive. This ice cold homage to the oldschool wonder of Cheech Wizard was created by BUSK, who we are proud to have worked with on both MuTATE show including on the killer wall with Deadleg and Bestever below, whcih is avaialble to buy as a print here.

Old school dons bring back the graf to Mutate!

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We’re well happy to have armoured our outer shell with some legendary London writers. The outside of Mutate is now owned by Towns RT, Achy GFS, Fuel CCD, Cazbee DSS, Skore TRC, Crok, Mear, Elate, Zadok and Don… and what a job they’ve done representing all styles and generations – our thanks and big ups to them all. The top image is Cazbee’s Cazism the legendary window down on Hammersmith and City line train from nearly 20 years ago – a historic piece from the Capitals rich graffiti history – if only this rolling stock was still running past the show!

Inside the show is an epic piece by Elate, one of his best ever it literally rips the wall to bits and would kill anyone standing in it’s way! Check it and find him online here. See if you can find the other Elate at the show – it’s a cupboard full of surprises more to come on that one! Thanks to Elate and Hersha Petal for the pics…


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Kind words from Bitchbuzz “The experience is pretty much like stepping out of a quite dull London night and into a steampunk wonderland.”

‘One foot in the grove’ Winter exhibition

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Here is the flyer for the winter exhibition, spread the word to one and all…

ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE ‘Christmas special’

‘One Foot in the Grove’ is back from the 4th of December.

Our festival of underground art provides a welcoming, inclusive and visually astounding experience for all ages in an atmospheric 12,000 square foot setting just off Portobello Road. Walk amongst giant sculptures, installations and unique artwork and hang out for good times at our licensed bar with proper music and delicious grub.

The gallery room offers exclusive posters, prints, originals, sculptures, photography, clothing and object d’art that make perfect prezzies for you and your discerning friends and family. We provide that much needed alternative to the Xmas chaos of Oxford Street – so don’t miss out on the best show in town.

Full dates and opening times below. We look forwarding to seeing you in December!

Opening times:

Opens December 4th to December 20th – FRI / SAT / SUN

Fri – 2pm -10pm
Sat-1pm – 10pm
Sun – 12pm-9pm

We are also open 2 Wednesdays for the Portobello Winter Festival on the 9th & 16th December – 6pm -10pm



£2 before 6pm / £3 there after

Brand new Mode 2 timelapse

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Excellent new video of Mode 2 painting from our mate Charlie Inman, thanks Charlie!