Who we are


We are an art events movement run by a group of friends and collaborators made up of The Mutoid Waste Company and The Cordy House Family.

We work together to create surprising locations, with memorable atmospheres, so that the Art we exhibit can reach and engage more people than a gallery.

Our governing principle began with Joe Rush and the Mutoid Waste Company – we mix art into a bigger event and make sure everyone has a good time.

Here’s a video with Joe talking about our first show, which was called ‘Mutate Britain: Behind the Shutters’…

Mutoid Waste Company

The Mutoid Waste Company are some of the most infamous founders  of modern counter culture. They began c.1984 at the Apocalypse Hotel on Freston Road, Ladbroke Grove.  They went on to make a significant mark on Glastonbury Festival, tour the world at the vanguard of the Acid House scene, hi-jack a MIG fighter from Russia, build sculptures on the Berlin Wall and laterly create untold specatcles at the world’s biggest festivals. Their story is epic. In this video Joe gives you a little look at Mutational doings…

Cordy House Family

Between 2008 and 2010, Liam Hayhow and Garfield Hackett made Cordy House a beacon of creative independence amidst the saturated streets of Shoreditch. It’s spirt lives on through Mutate Britain as it was here that the Mutoids (Joe Rush, Wreckage, Sam Haggarty, Giles Walker and others)  and the Cordy Family (Hayhow, Hackett, Teddy Baden, Dhugal Harrison, Jack Lomax and others) started working together. Over the years many artists graced the walls of the building, below is an insight into One Day at Cordy House and you can contact us at mutatebritain@gmail.com if you want.

20 Responses to “Who we are”

  1. Guys

    Where can I find Cordy House? I can’t find the address anywhere on your site!



  2. see above x

  3. What times are you open on saturday ? (22ndnov)

  4. Gaye Black Says:

    What are your opening hours/days? Thanx

  5. 12 till 10pm thurs/fri/sat

  6. is there any entry fee?

  7. are kids welcome?

  8. Wow, this is looking like it is going to be a great show tomorrow! Can’t wait to get down and take a look…

  9. Wow guys, this is looking like it is going to be a great show, can’t wait to get down tomorrow to take a look!

  10. Entry is free and kids are more than welcome

  11. Hi, looks like a great show, thinking of coming up Friday night, is it open to public or do you need invite?

  12. free to the public Fri/sat/sunday

  13. when you say “fully accessible”, does that mean full disabled access (inc lifts, toilets, etc)?

  14. we have a large lift and toilets on both the top and third floors x

  15. Hi!

    Is 87-95 CURTAIN ROAD open tonight until 10pm?

    Yours sincerely

    Fraser Kee Scott
    A Galler y
    New works by rising stars in contemporary art
    154 Merton Hall Rd
    SW19 3P Z

    + 44 (0 ) 7954 051 458


  16. […] October 10, 2009 in writing I should be finishing my sixth draft right now, that is what I came home to do. But I’ve just been to an amazing exhibition and I feel like I need to spout about that a bit first. It was MuTATE BRITAIN, and the exhibition was called, One Foot in the Grove, set on Portobello Road (and Ladbrook Grove, thus the name, I imagine). You can find out more about it and the artists on their blog… https://mutatebritain.wordpress.com/about-2/ […]

  17. love your movement! get some social bookmarking going on this site! it’s so worth sharing!

  18. […] these precocious beasts down Portobello so everyone can see the skill and flare that makes the Mutoid Waste Company loved by Glastonbury and Fuji Rock. Then come back to the show site for a beer with us all, then who […]

  19. Bonjour,

    I am a French sculptor living in London.
    It has occurred to me that you might well be interested
    in my sculptures of Robots.

    They are all powered mechanically or/and electrically .

    They differ in size and they are – being individually constructed with
    recycled/found materials – all uniquely different.

    Otherwise, I would be delighted to send you photographs and informations
    and refer you to my website:


    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely,

    Serge Jupin

  20. […] mutatebritain.wordpress.com Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)this guy has a disease called vitiligo […]

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