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Chu’s genius goes straight over your head…

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Right at the start of the show Chu came and painted an amazing piece of perspective painting that you have to look at through a mirror he also installed. Most people are missing it – not least because of Joe’s massive chopper (ahem).  You should have a look at the video and 360 degree images on Chu’s ‘site HERE.

Absolute attention to detail and innovation – what other artist you know investigates the inside of the structure they’re painting on?! Here’s an image of the finshed piece but get down to the last weekend of the show and see it for yourself… if you can find the magic mirror!



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Since the day the huge concrete arches supporting the iconic West Way were built, they have been a canvas for graffiti in all it’s forms, from political and social expression to tagging, pieces and productions and now the wonders of ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE.

Alongside legends such as Mode2 of The Chrome Angelz, Cazbee, Non Stop Art, Rio, Coma and the local writers and crews  and all those that visited from afar to spend hours in the derelict lawless no-mans land created a legacy that will never cease to inspire. The Westway’s walls and spots around the local area such as Westbourne park pit are now cited as a birthplace of British graffiti/street art culture.

Bringing together the individuals and crews that are part of that during 84-89 ‘Taking it Back’ is a re-union for those that made their mark on the capital over two decades ago. Featuring images, footage and more from the archives. A big thanks to

STEAM156 the founder of aerosol planet is one of the UK’s most dedicated individuals documenting graffiti around the world for over 26 years. He cites Westbourne Park as one of his all time favourite places to visit. “It blew me away walking over the bridge back in 84/85 and seeing the famous wall by the Chrome Angelz on one of my first visits to their. This was a magical place each week i would find new walls every week there was just so many amazing artists all painting in that area. Nonstop Art, Foam, Rio2, Cazbee, Skam, Coma, Hate, Chris, the talent was endless. I am glad I survived my visits to that place and lived to tell the tale it was at times a risky place to visit.” Since that time he has been heavily involved within the global graffiti community, travelling the world meeting the kings of the cities he visited. Check out his archive of images at

Tabernacle graffiti project started in 1987, run by Jenny and Winston as a youth club project funded by London Arts. With the permission of Notting Hill housing trust the project was commissioned to paint most of the large wall murals around the Grove. It held two exhibitions at the Tabernacle, filmed as a part of a community video documentary called Westway. The project finished in 1989, when Sandra and Mark became voluntary artists in residence. They carried on running the graffiti project until 1994, working with London Union of Youth Clubs, documenting various community and youth graffiti projects as well as graffiti festivals and exhibitions in Britain and Europe.

Photo by  Fade2 – Nonstop art

Out of the shadow – Part 1

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Out of the Shadow is the title of the photography area in ‘One foot in the grove’ and will also be a regular post on the blog  providing an insight to some of the rich cultural heritage of Ladbroke Grove and the West Way.

The Latimer Road ramp was the first giant halfpipe of its kind in the UK.  This is a classic  image from the cover of RAD way back in 1987. Proof that the derlict land created by  the building of the West Way provided a breeding ground for generations of talent and style.

The sheer height also gave a valid reason to donning your kneepads when dropping in for the frst time and some of Skate boarding’s biggets names hit that ramp and the memories of that time are still fresh in their minds.