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Whitecross Street Party – 24th + 25th July – EC1 – be there!

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A spectacular FREE two day event, commencing on Saturday 24th – 25th July, 12 – 6pm. The Whitecross Street Party will be held in the heart of London’s internationally renowned art scene and will include some the worlds most creative living non-conformist Artists.

For TWO whole days dozens of Leading cult, counter culture and contemporary artists will converge upon Whitecross street. Here they shall lay siege to the notion that things always have to be the same. Happily the area famous for its historical creative’s, dissidents and mavericks will now see again on mass –  ‘Rise of the non- conformists’. Check the VERY IMPRESSIVE artists list here.

Oh yes oh yes Glastonbury was the b-e-s-t

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Well wot a wicked weekend that was – good times to remember! Mutate related humans are now crash-landing back to earth. Big ups to all of you who came and down saw the Unfairground and thanks to everyone who made it possible – not least Joe Rush and the Mutoids!

The Mutoid Waste Comapny, Joe, Wreckage, Sam, Mauritzio, Fang, Lyle, Bez, Sharkey, Strummerville, Obey, Dotmasters, Dead Leg, Dr D, David Walker, The Baroness Carrie von Reichardt, dog faced Teddy Baden…

…who let him out?

We had Thom Yorke playing a secret set in the Aeroplane (pictured top) plus wicked resident DJs in the Rebel Sonix/Ross Allen/DJ Jawa/Motive style. Sunday at 5am was a moment – but then so was Saturday 9am, Friday… Thursday…. Monday… all day everyday – what day of the week was it when? Blast off!

…good times and good people as someone once said. And finally… the biggest props go to Liam, with out whom none of this is ever possible, and of course Garfield, Dhughal, Charlie, Phil G, Rhys and last but never least Luke:

Oh (Columbo style) –  and one more thing, support the Robin Hood Tax – it’s still a no brainer!

Hold tight all crew!

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Could this be the most important idea in living memory?

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Teddy Baden lets one dog out

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Teddy Baden climbs to the summit of Cordy House to stencil ‘Fetcher’ the flying Collie dog. See more of his work at The Foundry this Thursday 25th March. (Alongside works by dr.d, The Krah, Milo Tchais, Zadok and more).

As you can see we’ve had the painters in – Teddy took the top spot with this fine fine stencil…

…Pure Evil’s euro-chums The Fantastic 4 = Grems (Paris), 3TT (Lille/Madrid), Zbiok and Remed sprayed their style all over the roof too…

…best big ups to our visiting friends and long live the dogs of Baden! And here’s The Krah’s Foundry show poster, with Mutate favourites Teddy Baden, Dr D, Zadok and Milo Tchais – see you there…

Inside Teddy Baden’s kennel

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Is Mutate cornerstone Teddy Baden the most proficient stencil artist in the world? I don’t know, I’m just asking. These new pics from his studio don’t do it justice, but he’s working until he’s dog tired here:

Teddy has been grafting and cutting and spraying and creating a new breed of dog, drawing on the Eastern European infulence of the Weimaraner, a legendary hunting beast:

Expect his new work to feature promiently in up coming Mutate related events in and around town, and if you haven’t seen his piece on Whitecross Street hurry up, it’s been there for a year and there’s more coming:

Dogs own the streets now, surely you’ve noticed?


We are open on Wednesdays – so come see Teddy Baden’s sick puppy!

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We are now open from 6pm on Wednesdays too, so get down to One Foot in the Grove and come and see the best art in the country – no bullshit! One of my favourite stencils ever is also on show, Sick Puppy by Teddy Baden is a masterpiece… see if you can track it down, it’s tucked away for the aficionados to find…