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We are open on Wednesdays – so come see Teddy Baden’s sick puppy!

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We are now open from 6pm on Wednesdays too, so get down to One Foot in the Grove and come and see the best art in the country – no bullshit! One of my favourite stencils ever is also on show, Sick Puppy by Teddy Baden is a masterpiece… see if you can track it down, it’s tucked away for the aficionados to find…

Facebook MuTATE

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If you are a facebooker and want to tell your network about the show click the links below

One Foot in the Grove event here

Join the MuTATE Britain group here

Upload and add your images, reviews and videos of the show.


News flash! Magnificent Mutoid Night Parade on Sat at 8pm – DON’T MISS IT!

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As dusk embraces PORTOBELLO ROAD so Jo Peacock, Lyle, Lrry and Packa Horse stir from their mechanoid slumber and their flames of life are lit! This SATURDAY 18TH OCT AT 8PM we’ll parade these precocious beasts down Portobello so everyone can see the skill and flare that makes the Mutoid Waste Company loved by Glastonbury and Fuji Rock. Then come back to the show site for a beer with us all, then who knows what… Here’s a vid from Doghead TV of Lyle and Lrry emerging from Behind the Shutters at Cordy House, fear the beast!

Roughe, System and Juice 126 hit One Foot in the Grove

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Got a mail from Roughe the other day saying that he, System and Juice 126 we’re planning something big and beautiful for One Foot in the Grove and they delivered just that on Monday… then dissappeared to paint a desserted town somewhere in Scotland… here is a little sneaky peaky at what they did, the full peice is about 20ft high and we think it’s one of their best ever.

Roughe_Juice 126_System EYES

Wreckage to bring the rukus with an attack of the 3 ton hydraulic dinosaur… naturally

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Wreckage in his natural environment

Wreckage in his natural environment, that's him on the right...

This just in, Alex ‘Wreckage’ Wright is set to unleash a giant dinosaur on the innocent Portobello public… the metalic monster will roam One Foot in the Grove and we can only hope that Alex has remembered his lead… by the looks of the picture (right) Alex’s 20 years of Mutoid Experience mean he can tame any beast the Mutoids care to create… so we’re all safe, for now.

Part2ism set to go REAL big…

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I’ve just come off the ‘phone with Part2ism and he’s going stellar with huge plans for One Foot. Part2 and his partner Miscellany are planning a 17ft high piece that gets under the skin of nature, love, romance with a touch of voodoo and death is all he’ll say – my goody gosh, if last time was anything to go by it’ll be devastating! Oh, and what’s that on the corner of Portobello and Blenheim?

Best Ever(l) and Part2ism(r) on the roof of Cordy House

Best Ever(l) and Part2ism & Miscellany(r) on the roof of Cordy House