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Chu’s 3D piece begins the roof top sessions

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Chu Chu, there is an train coming.

Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop – a review

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You have to give the man credit, he’s stretched himself again and delivered a film that’s funny, well paced and will appeal to a wider audience than me and the rest of the London questionable haircut crew. The Cordy House Obey Giant was in there twice at the start… but we painted over it the other day to make way for new work.

In terms of its construction as a film it’s better than of 90% of the documentaries released by ‘serious’ film makers, so well done Banksy, you’ve cut a great and even important film from an insane pile of tapes built up by the film’s lead character: Thierry ‘Mr Brainwash’ Guetta.

Guetta is the cousin of Invader and a tirelessly chirpy screwball Frenchman with a video camera, nothing more. At this point in time he’s not a film maker and he’s not an artist. Like I said, he’s a likeable screwball Frenchman with a video camera – and a big fat PR machine. But hey, maybe that’s what art is now. The film certainly doesn’t deny it, but it does show the ridiculousness of it all. It’s up to you to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks to his cousin Guetta finds himself immersed in the worlds of artists like Shephard Fairey and Banksy at the peak of their game – and to validate his presence alongside them he shoots everything, all the time. But when asked to make a film he manages ‘Life Remote Control’ which, as Banksy says, is shit.

So then Banksy takes the reigns as tubby little Thierry starts to launch his very own Street Art career. At this point Banksy and Shephard Fairey have to hold up their hands and claim prominent roles in the creation of Mr Brainwash (as Shephard does in the film). Mr Brainwash could never have existed without using their promotion and contacts – which he used to launch his show ‘Life is Beautiful’ in LA in 2008. The only thing Brainwash brings creatively is energy, there’s zero new thought or style in his work, but he has buckets of projected self-believe which works wonders in LA. He, and an army of helpers, make hundreds of canvases of celebrities in a pop street art manner. All are devoid of originality. Thierry’s influential supporters then mug the shallow LA art scene with this bullshit work – and it works! Sick genius, if a bit depressing.

So what we end up with is the opportunity to watch, and I hope understand, the brutal reality of how feeble ‘artists’ can become successful purely as a result of effective PR. It really is incredible what the press are prepared to publish and what the people are prepared to believe.

Cordy House…! Now in 3D!

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…Chu has already smashed Cordy in half with this geometirc genius! We’re back in roof stop session



Documenting Documentary

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So there are quite a few different bits of documentary video floating around about Street Art. Most of them are painfully standard I think. Man does painting, man sits still and talks about painting. If you click the ‘Video Gallery’ tab to the right and scroll to the bottom you’ll see some of our video’s that are a bit doccy (Dr. D vs Brown and Cameron + One Day at Cordy House). We try to do something at least a bit different…

Here is one that was posted on Wooster Collective that does follow the ‘see picture, talk about picture’ format but it’s well constructed, what do you reckon to it?

Also, there’s a new one coming out called ‘New Brow, The Rise of Underground Art’. It’s showing at Westbourne Studios and we’re going to see it this week. Critical judgement will be passed! So check back next week if you could give a flying monkey’s…

Don’t Watch That TV – MuTATE BRITAIN episode

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An excellent video from Tim and Barry starring Joe Rush who gives an excellent insight into how the first show – MuTATE BRITAIN Presents: Behind the Shutters – all came together.

One Foot in the Grove – let’s go promo!

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Orrright, Carnival is coming, West London is gearing up and so are we. Here’s a taster of things to come at One Foot in the Grove.

Full details are coming we promise but we’re getting excited and suggest you nurture that anticipatory rumble you’re feeling and allow it to blossom into some kind of bogle-based vibration. 1,2,3,4,5,6 DO IT!

Donate Link

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Hello – sorry a lot of you have been letting us know that the link button to donate is not showing on all your computers. Here it is


Many thanks for all your support so far. we will soon have information for you on the next show. In the mean time if anyone is interested in hiring the space please contact or

A great big thank you

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A note from Liam and The team at Cordy –

Now that the chaos from Mutate Britain and christmas has passed,  I’d like to thank everyone who got involved and helped out with MuTate Britain. Everyone who painted walls, swept floors, moved, cut and screwed things, everyone who brought their pictures in and to those who put them up.  

People came from all over Europe to get involved and thanks to the efforts of so many we made this exhibition really special.  Big pats on backs all round.

Thanks again for everyones efforts, it was so much work but well well well worth the effort, Have a good new year every body!!

Liam and Cordy house crew 

Keeping you warm on these cold, cold days

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We have just had pictures through of the ‘coffee bike’ – this will be the centrepiece of the cafe area at muTATEBRITAIN making all our hot drinks..!!!

Its so god damn bitterly cold at the moment we wan the bike to arrive right now! Though we have it on good information that it will be on its way very soon ( thanks Alex!)



The begining

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Behind the Shutters is now a hive of activity. Downstairs there is welding, melting, painting and lugging. All of the stairwells are filled with artists covering the walls with amazing images. We have been told that the front of the building will begin to be painted today by Insa.

Here are some image of the beginning by Billy, the photo guy. More to come

Ground floor


The Shutters

The Shutters