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Whitecross Street Party – 24th + 25th July – EC1 – be there!

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A spectacular FREE two day event, commencing on Saturday 24th – 25th July, 12 – 6pm. The Whitecross Street Party will be held in the heart of London’s internationally renowned art scene and will include some the worlds most creative living non-conformist Artists.

For TWO whole days dozens of Leading cult, counter culture and contemporary artists will converge upon Whitecross street. Here they shall lay siege to the notion that things always have to be the same. Happily the area famous for its historical creative’s, dissidents and mavericks will now see again on mass –  ‘Rise of the non- conformists’. Check the VERY IMPRESSIVE artists list here.

MuTATE at night

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The place really comes alive as the sun sets and night falls on W10. The bar is open till 10pm and delicious food is on offer. Come and sit on the sofas and enjoy artwork, sculpture, photography and more like never before.

MuTATE got styles for miles

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So work continues and its looking simply amazing, the best thing about it is the diversity of techniques of all the individuals involved. Artists from across the UK and the world doing what the do in their own personal style and approach to getting their message across. From fine brush strokes to DIY spray can extender poles, 3D faces and where would be without a bucket of  wheat paste!





A great big thank you

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A note from Liam and The team at Cordy –

Now that the chaos from Mutate Britain and christmas has passed,  I’d like to thank everyone who got involved and helped out with MuTate Britain. Everyone who painted walls, swept floors, moved, cut and screwed things, everyone who brought their pictures in and to those who put them up.  

People came from all over Europe to get involved and thanks to the efforts of so many we made this exhibition really special.  Big pats on backs all round.

Thanks again for everyones efforts, it was so much work but well well well worth the effort, Have a good new year every body!!

Liam and Cordy house crew 

Shutters are up

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The Shutters were lifted on the gallery at 7pm Thursday to a brilliant crowd of artists, press, friends and family. The building was reverberating with oohs and ahhs, with all ages loving the vast array of art on show. Thank you to everyone that came and we hope that you had a great time. Just a small reminder that everything in the gallery is for sale and price lists are available from press office –


Tenticles by Filthy Luker


Look out for reviews in the following Time out, Urban Junkies, London at Large, London Paper, My Village,, Peel News, Don’t Panic and more we are sure!

The People behind the Shutters

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Among many, many others Garfield, Spencer, Liam and Joe are working around the clock to get this project up and ready for the public onslaught come the 21st. Nights are becoming pretty sleepless already but its going to be worth it.

Garfield VERY hard at work



Waste Mutation taking shape

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We have just been filming Joe Rush working on pieces for the ground floor of the gallery and its shaping up pretty well – what with giant spiders, robots, birds and plane wings the space is going to look absolutely amazing! Pictures and video to follow very shortly.