Mutoid Waste Company


Giant Mutoid sculptures made from refuse on a military scale are carefully curated to build the Mutate Britain atmosphere. Helicopters, dinosaurs and prancing horses sculpted and engineered by Joe Rush, Alex Wreckage and Sam Haggerty punctuate the floor space alongside Giles Walker’s pole dancing robots, LRRY the fire breathing bull and a three dimensional holographic human face.


MuTATE Britain is a unique chance to see and interact with these mind blowing creations usually only ever witnessed at the world’s most iconic festivals. Burning Man in Nevada, The Fuji Rock Festival and Glastonbury’s Trash City are the some of The Mutoid Waste Company’s favourite playgrounds.


The infamous Mutoids are legends on the underground circuit, not only for their insane creations, wild parties and anarchic take on life but for always doing their thing for over 20 years; from the fields of Pilton,  to  abandoned warehouses in Kings Cross and wasteland of east-Berlin to the deserts of Arizona.


The artists, the artwork alongside the stories and anecdotes of the Mutoid history will be documented here.

SamHaggerty_image by romnaywg

Any stories or images comment below…

7 Responses to “Mutoid Waste Company”

  1. yo what´s up. lan here, just moved back to berlin – wondering what every one is up to?

    you, joe, robin and the resr of the scruffy bunch.

    now we are all older, and probably none the wiser, so much news it´s hard to know where to start, i resently got an email with some photos of the apocaype hotel, thought i should pass them on to ex’members’!!!

    but how?

  2. hiya sam i remem yor art work well do u remem under the barbican (teds stall) u stole my cherry id love it back if poss ha ha car henge at glaston was cool long time ago dont know if u was with them then the 2 brothers seemed to b runnin the show all the mutoid work is fuckin ace the scull truck an the cant remem name but looked like a dragon type thang xxxxxxxx

  3. Just noticed I signed my name lan, missed out the A. It’s Alan here, still have the Apocalypse Hotel pix, wanted to send them to Joe also, but his Myspace thingy doesn’t work from here!!! So let me know what’s happening,that’s if you ever answer these messages(too busy cherry hunting ? :))

  4. Hey guys. How much river has flowed under how many bridges since we last met. So many passed on. I was at Manic Mark’s wake earlier in the week and there were some tales told 😉

    I remember being woken by the Rapid Response Unit after a gig in the old electricity company workshops under the Edgeware road (yes – one with the car half-in half-out of the building)

    I was asleep in the back of my car, which you always used to let me park inside the gig, and woke up surrounded by over 100 coppers. The only remaining party-goer and not a single piece of work, or litter, on-site lol.

    “Rapid Response” indeed. They didn’t have a clue. Mind you, they didn’t have computers then either.

  5. […] will be adorned with Mutate Britain art, and you’ll be partying amidst the sculpture of the Mutoid Waste Company. If you’ve been to a Mutate event before you’ll know the atmosphere we like to create […]

  6. Victoria Says:

    Hello Lovely People,
    I am looking to work/help out with welding and fabrication on projects to gain experience and knowledge. I can weld (not uber well but just need more time under the hood) and am willing to do what is needed to help out! 🙂
    Would love any suggestions!

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