Teddy Baden lets one dog out

Teddy Baden climbs to the summit of Cordy House to stencil ‘Fetcher’ the flying Collie dog. See more of his work at The Foundry this Thursday 25th March. (Alongside works by dr.d, The Krah, Milo Tchais, Zadok and more).

As you can see we’ve had the painters in – Teddy took the top spot with this fine fine stencil…

…Pure Evil’s euro-chums The Fantastic 4 = Grems (Paris), 3TT (Lille/Madrid), Zbiok and Remed sprayed their style all over the roof too…

…best big ups to our visiting friends and long live the dogs of Baden! And here’s The Krah’s Foundry show poster, with Mutate favourites Teddy Baden, Dr D, Zadok and Milo Tchais – see you there…

One Response to “Teddy Baden lets one dog out”

  1. Jimmy South Says:

    Love it Ted.
    Looks the DOGS!!!!

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