Old school dons bring back the graf to Mutate!

We’re well happy to have armoured our outer shell with some legendary London writers. The outside of Mutate is now owned by Towns RT, Achy GFS, Fuel CCD, Cazbee DSS, Skore TRC, Crok, Mear, Elate, Zadok and Don… and what a job they’ve done representing all styles and generations – our thanks and big ups to them all. The top image is Cazbee’s Cazism the legendary window down on Hammersmith and City line train from nearly 20 years ago – a historic piece from the Capitals rich graffiti history – if only this rolling stock was still running past the show!

Inside the show is an epic piece by Elate, one of his best ever it literally rips the wall to bits and would kill anyone standing in it’s way! Check it and find him online here. See if you can find the other Elate at the show – it’s a cupboard full of surprises more to come on that one! Thanks to Elate and Hersha Petal for the pics…


One Response to “Old school dons bring back the graf to Mutate!”

  1. Loving the Cazbee piece, havent seen that in a long time…. chk the Green hamerite SHU 2 tag.
    Ah the good old days… would be nice to do it all again.



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