You were AMAZING last night x

Peeeeeoooooowww, we launched last night and way more of you turned up than we were expecting. Giant fire breathing animals ridden by two little girls anyone? Did I actually see that?! Yes I did.

Thanks all so much for coming… now, run go tell your enemies and your friends! Oh, and have a look at ‘The Video we shoot’ to watch Garfield’s history lesson on the One Foot site – great to see Mode 2, Don Letts and Roots Manuva down there…

WE ARE OPEN 12 – 10 FRI to SUN UNTIL AT LEAST THE 25TH OF OCTOBER for now here’s Snug’s piece, the paint was still wet when we opened, masterful work Snug – more pics and vids to come soon…

Snug at One Foot in the Grove


3 Responses to “You were AMAZING last night x”

  1. ohyessssss, you’re ooon!!
    coming down asap

  2. Waw, great photo! Where is that and who is the author?

  3. Went to MuTate Britain’s “One Foot in the Grove” exhibit today and was very impressed! Lots of great pieces from participating artists – posted all about it here:

    *Direct link to post:


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