Welcome to One Foot World!

Here’s a sneak peak into room one… still loads more to add – oh, that’s the bar on the left… don’t forget WE LAUNCH FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER AT MIDDAY NEXT TO PORTOBELLO ROAD see you there! (image by RomanyWG)

Mutate Britain Presents One Foot in the Grove (room 1)

5 Responses to “Welcome to One Foot World!”

  1. Will you be open sunday?

  2. Will there be monkey tennis ?
    I heard a rumour there would be real monkeys playing tennis is it true ?

    • Yes, this is a stone cold fact. The monkeys will be show boating with top spin lobs. There are also a series of macrobiotic lobsters who will sashay accross room 2 in formation, so bring a magnifying glass.

  3. Great opening night, thanks so much for your work. xxx

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