Out of the shadow – Part 1

Out of the Shadow is the title of the photography area in ‘One foot in the grove’ and will also be a regular post on the blog  providing an insight to some of the rich cultural heritage of Ladbroke Grove and the West Way.

The Latimer Road ramp was the first giant halfpipe of its kind in the UK.  This is a classic  image from the cover of RAD way back in 1987. Proof that the derlict land created by  the building of the West Way provided a breeding ground for generations of talent and style.

The sheer height also gave a valid reason to donning your kneepads when dropping in for the frst time and some of Skate boarding’s biggets names hit that ramp and the memories of that time are still fresh in their minds.



One Response to “Out of the shadow – Part 1”

  1. HiGhLyUmLiKeLy Says:

    Memories abound.. Going to pass my archive to “pig tits!” Lots of photos from undayhewestway. Grafitti-Meanwhile Gardens-Alpine Action-Latimer Rg Bicycle Motocross Track…pCe!

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