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Part2ism set to go REAL big…

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I’ve just come off the ‘phone with Part2ism and he’s going stellar with huge plans for One Foot. Part2 and his partner Miscellany are planning a 17ft high piece that gets under the skin of nature, love, romance with a touch of voodoo and death is all he’ll say – my goody gosh, if last time was anything to go by it’ll be devastating! Oh, and what’s that on the corner of Portobello and Blenheim?

Best Ever(l) and Part2ism(r) on the roof of Cordy House

Best Ever(l) and Part2ism & Miscellany(r) on the roof of Cordy House


Breaking news: It’s on! We are now officially at defcon one and all systems go for launch.

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This just in, we are now an officially licensed event!1000 people per day starting on the 9th of October and running Fri-Sun until the end of the 1st week in November – result! Keep coming back for news, there’s plenty to tell and we’ve lots to be getting on with…

We HOPE that Obey/Sheperd Fairey is sending us new work for the show…

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If you don’t know it was time to get to know ages ago – now you’re just letting yourself down. But you probably do know so that’s cool, just testing.

It’s fingers crossed that Sheperd Fairey, yes Obey, one of, if not THE world’s greatest street artist is sending us a special consignment of bratwurst, von of vitch containz zee Fallen Madonna viz vee big boobies – neeyah ha!

Allo allo you think – this I must see with my own eyes. Hold on to that thought.

Paul Insect Confirmed for One Foot in the Grove

Posted in Art on September 14, 2009 by jack lomax

Orrrright, some new news: We’re gert lush chuffed to announce that Paul Insect has confirmed he’ll be creating an original piece for our event. It’s all getting pretty smart to be honest and I can promise that there’s some REALLY BIG NEWS on the way soon – so watch this space for the latest…

A Paul Insect Babyhead on the Streets of London

A Paul Insect Babyhead on the Streets of London

Don’t Watch That TV – MuTATE BRITAIN episode

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An excellent video from Tim and Barry starring Joe Rush who gives an excellent insight into how the first show – MuTATE BRITAIN Presents: Behind the Shutters – all came together.

The adventures of Lyle Dog and the Murderbot Mixtape

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Our flaming nostrill mechanical superstar LRRY from the Mutoid’s Italian connection Lyle Dog features on a new mix on the Mad Decent blog. Mad Decent is the brandchild of DJ/Producer Diplo and family, genrally keeping everyone on their toes with eclectic collaborations and excellent live performances. Listen to the ‘Murderbot Mix’ here. And just incase you missed it watch the video/animation ‘Adventure of Lyle Dog‘ at the legendary Cordy House. Enjoy!
MAD DECENT MIX 'Murderbot aka Lyle the Dog'

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