With only a day to go before the 3rd fresh launch of the epic show Mutate Britain, Behind the Shutters Gallery is full of the sounds of drills as Jibbering Art are putting the last finishing touches to their beast of an exhibition, 0121.

With nineteen street artists exhibiting, Jibbering Art have pulled together the godfathers of the UK graffiti scene with the new blood of the scene.

Artists exhibiting are: 9T,China, David Gaskgarth, Dora, Dscreet, Fluid, Glenn Anderson, Jinpow, Juice 126, Log, Mac 1, Marq Tu, Newso, Part2ism, Plimsoul, Remi/Rough, Rowdy, Semor & Co & Zoot.

This exhibition promises to be fresh and very different to the work that is currently being produced in the London urban art scene. Expect sculpture, original new pieces, limited edition prints and a few surprises!

If you would like to attend the launch night on Thursday 4th December, 7pm – 11pm, please RSVP to rsvp@raw-material.co.uk. There are also a limited number of places left on the pre-launch night view of 0121 from 6pm -7pm on Thursday 4th December. If you are interested in seeing 0121 before Mutate Britain opens for the launch night please rsvp@raw-material.co.uk.



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