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Miquita buys £10,000 worth of Art at launch

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Miquita Oliver came down to the launch on Thursday and loved one of Joe Rush’s sculptures so much that she scooped it up for cool price tag of 10 k. Miquita will be loaning the piece back to the gallery for the duration of the show so not to worry – the collection is still complete – for the time being………………!


Shutters are up

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The Shutters were lifted on the gallery at 7pm Thursday to a brilliant crowd of artists, press, friends and family. The building was reverberating with oohs and ahhs, with all ages loving the vast array of art on show. Thank you to everyone that came and we hope that you had a great time. Just a small reminder that everything in the gallery is for sale and price lists are available from press office –


Tenticles by Filthy Luker


Look out for reviews in the following Time out, Urban Junkies, London at Large, London Paper, My Village,, Peel News, Don’t Panic and more we are sure!

Film Installation

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Kerri Davenport-Burton is one of the brilliantly talented installation artists on the second floor of Behind the Shutters. Originally an award winning film director Kerri has turned her hand to Art.

This installation is inspired by Innocence, although no ordinary take on the naive, the exhibition will push your perception and test your morality. Kerri creates an experience, which probes modern ideas of morality, perception and social change using film, music and experimental sound techniques.

A  series of constructed rooms on the second floor each entered via a small passageway ‘The Journey of John ”Fun” Fare’ is no banal trip.

Viewers walk through the subconscious as they navigate these experiences.


Ben Rayner for Dec

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Coming up in Nov is the launch of Ben Rayner’s Book ‘Little Buddie’ A private collection of Dogs large and small that Ben has come accross on his travels. How you make images of day to day Dogs interesting, edgy and addictively page turning I don’t know – but he has managed it! However with a list of clients that include Arena, Dazed, Vogue and having a flick through his website its little wonder.

Private view is on the 4th Sept with the exhibition then running until the following week.



Keeping you warm on these cold, cold days

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We have just had pictures through of the ‘coffee bike’ – this will be the centrepiece of the cafe area at muTATEBRITAIN making all our hot drinks..!!!

Its so god damn bitterly cold at the moment we wan the bike to arrive right now! Though we have it on good information that it will be on its way very soon ( thanks Alex!)



Saturday performance

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The lovely Ruby Blues, ‘delinquent showgirl’ and mistress of Glastonbury Festival’s Trash City will be hosting The Performance Salon on the second floor on Saturdays with a whole host of performance artists.

The Performance Salon will Feature installations by the Rubbish Fairy and performance from the best of London’s underground including Bishi, Hooligan Night, Toy! Toy!, Holestar, Empress Stah, Marisa Carnesky, Fancy Chance, Dusty Limits, Gateau Chocolat, Scottee, Holestar, Russella, Lady G Luck, Rasp Thorne, Mamzelle Fifi with many more in the wings waiting to join.

The People behind the Shutters

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Among many, many others Garfield, Spencer, Liam and Joe are working around the clock to get this project up and ready for the public onslaught come the 21st. Nights are becoming pretty sleepless already but its going to be worth it.

Garfield VERY hard at work