Saturday performance

The lovely Ruby Blues, ‘delinquent showgirl’ and mistress of Glastonbury Festival’s Trash City will be hosting The Performance Salon on the second floor on Saturdays with a whole host of performance artists.

The Performance Salon will Feature installations by the Rubbish Fairy and performance from the best of London’s underground including Bishi, Hooligan Night, Toy! Toy!, Holestar, Empress Stah, Marisa Carnesky, Fancy Chance, Dusty Limits, Gateau Chocolat, Scottee, Holestar, Russella, Lady G Luck, Rasp Thorne, Mamzelle Fifi with many more in the wings waiting to join.

One Response to “Saturday performance”

  1. hey – send me performance listings for friday saturday sunday – are you only doing saturday performances ….? so glad that you are firing up … lets broaden and expand this …. this being I hope what i percieve it to – mutatebritain – dont stop. nigel – keep me in the loop … x

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