Message from Pure Evil

We got a message from Pure Evil gallery today who are participating in the colossal Mutate Britain – 

‘I am going to bring the big guns to the show and make everybody else wee their pants in fear….. It will be different from every show because there’ll be bloody great MACHINES inna rubba dub MadMax stylee…..’

Wee look forward to it!

pe-eA bit about Pure Evil

Pure Evil –  108 Leonard Street is the location of PE’s studio, gallery and music lab, a genuine hub for experiencing and being inspired by the original spirit of graffiti, stencil and street art.

In this location PE works, paints and hosts shows and sell artworks and prints by other street artists as well as his own i.e. Eine, Sten&Lex, DeadBeat Donnie, Le Krah, Peripheral Media Project, Highraff, Zosen, Kafre. Since the opening last year the Pure Evil dungeons have scooped up a reputation as an amazing art space with notorious parties. Mr. Pure Evil himself is always to find at the back of the gallery working away; and indeed you’ll find him not very pure and not very evil. In fact quite the opposite, but he is obsessed with the dark evilness of human history and his art reflect this obsession.
Pure Evil trys to answer the following questions such as –

‘Why do humans like conflict and explosions so much?’

“Are penguins naturally psychopathic and can they use nunchakus effectively?’

‘Is earth actually a deep space battle station created millions of years ago by an evil galactic empire?’


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