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Video footage

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The first bit of video footage has come through for the launch last Thursday on Don’t Panic – check it out here

Film Installation

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Kerri Davenport-Burton is one of the brilliantly talented installation artists on the second floor of Behind the Shutters. Originally an award winning film director Kerri has turned her hand to Art.

This installation is inspired by Innocence, although no ordinary take on the naive, the exhibition will push your perception and test your morality. Kerri creates an experience, which probes modern ideas of morality, perception and social change using film, music and experimental sound techniques.

A  series of constructed rooms on the second floor each entered via a small passageway ‘The Journey of John ”Fun” Fare’ is no banal trip.

Viewers walk through the subconscious as they navigate these experiences.


Keeping you warm on these cold, cold days

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We have just had pictures through of the ‘coffee bike’ – this will be the centrepiece of the cafe area at muTATEBRITAIN making all our hot drinks..!!!

Its so god damn bitterly cold at the moment we wan the bike to arrive right now! Though we have it on good information that it will be on its way very soon ( thanks Alex!)



The People behind the Shutters

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Among many, many others Garfield, Spencer, Liam and Joe are working around the clock to get this project up and ready for the public onslaught come the 21st. Nights are becoming pretty sleepless already but its going to be worth it.

Garfield VERY hard at work



The begining

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Behind the Shutters is now a hive of activity. Downstairs there is welding, melting, painting and lugging. All of the stairwells are filled with artists covering the walls with amazing images. We have been told that the front of the building will begin to be painted today by Insa.

Here are some image of the beginning by Billy, the photo guy. More to come

Ground floor


The Shutters

The Shutters

More of THE FACE

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This is just so cool we have to put a few more pics up




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Yep – Your very own interactive graffiti wall – grafitti your very own wall without looking over your shoulder for someone to tell you to get off thier property, wearing a mask and gloves or worrying about running out of paint!

This interactive drawing tool allows users to create images on a large wall using a modified spray paint can. The can contains no paint but instead a button and sensor that is tracked by a computer. You can print out a pdf of your image when your done.

More details at yrwall


Interactive Floor

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Some amazing developments today on the interactive floor.

 ‘The Face‘ – A stunning 3D interactive installation.

Brought to you by Hear Colours the team have harnessed cutting edge plastics and polymers with suitable moulding and refraction properties alons with advances in computer aided design and moulding technology to create a unique 6 x 4 x 3 dimensional human Face!



Participants faces will be picked up by video cameras and projected onto the enormous face – it can even talk! Its actually a hell of a lot more complicated than that but we thought we would give you a short version.

Interactivity hotting up!

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We have just had word that newly added to the interactive floor there will be ‘The Face’ a huge 12ft light box that transforms faces making them massive along with a virtual graffiti box where you can spray away without paint but with the nifty help of lasers and then print out your creation as a pdf to take away with you! Pretty cool if we do say ourselves! Don’t worry if your having trouble imagining all this we will soon have some videos in place for you to see them in action.

A preview look at some work

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There are sparks flying behind the shutters currently as Joe Rush puts together pieces for the launch of Mutate Britain on in the next couple of weeks. We went down to se how it was all going and get a sneaky peak at some one the pieces as they came together.





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