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Ben Rayner for Dec

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Coming up in Nov is the launch of Ben Rayner’s Book ‘Little Buddie’ A private collection of Dogs large and small that Ben has come accross on his travels. How you make images of day to day Dogs interesting, edgy and addictively page turning I don’t know – but he has managed it! However with a list of clients that include Arena, Dazed, Vogue and having a flick through his website its little wonder.

Private view is on the 4th Sept with the exhibition then running until the following week.



Keeping you warm on these cold, cold days

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We have just had pictures through of the ‘coffee bike’ – this will be the centrepiece of the cafe area at muTATEBRITAIN making all our hot drinks..!!!

Its so god damn bitterly cold at the moment we wan the bike to arrive right now! Though we have it on good information that it will be on its way very soon ( thanks Alex!)



Saturday performance

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The lovely Ruby Blues, ‘delinquent showgirl’ and mistress of Glastonbury Festival’s Trash City will be hosting The Performance Salon on the second floor on Saturdays with a whole host of performance artists.

The Performance Salon will Feature installations by the Rubbish Fairy and performance from the best of London’s underground including Bishi, Hooligan Night, Toy! Toy!, Holestar, Empress Stah, Marisa Carnesky, Fancy Chance, Dusty Limits, Gateau Chocolat, Scottee, Holestar, Russella, Lady G Luck, Rasp Thorne, Mamzelle Fifi with many more in the wings waiting to join.

The People behind the Shutters

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Among many, many others Garfield, Spencer, Liam and Joe are working around the clock to get this project up and ready for the public onslaught come the 21st. Nights are becoming pretty sleepless already but its going to be worth it.

Garfield VERY hard at work



The begining

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Behind the Shutters is now a hive of activity. Downstairs there is welding, melting, painting and lugging. All of the stairwells are filled with artists covering the walls with amazing images. We have been told that the front of the building will begin to be painted today by Insa.

Here are some image of the beginning by Billy, the photo guy. More to come

Ground floor


The Shutters

The Shutters

Jack Endorsement

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Who’s Jack will be endorsing Mutate Britain from next month onwards – the blog and mag will keep you up to date with all new artists and Thursday swaps. 

Behind the Shutters is also getting lots of interest from elsewhere – Kungfu-London / Vandalog / Art of the State

Mutoid waste footage

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Here is some footage of Mutoid Waste ‘in the field’ as it were for you to get an idea of the scale of pieces these guys create

More of THE FACE

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This is just so cool we have to put a few more pics up



Message from Pure Evil

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We got a message from Pure Evil gallery today who are participating in the colossal Mutate Britain – 

‘I am going to bring the big guns to the show and make everybody else wee their pants in fear….. It will be different from every show because there’ll be bloody great MACHINES inna rubba dub MadMax stylee…..’

Wee look forward to it!

pe-eA bit about Pure Evil

Pure Evil –  108 Leonard Street is the location of PE’s studio, gallery and music lab, a genuine hub for experiencing and being inspired by the original spirit of graffiti, stencil and street art.

In this location PE works, paints and hosts shows and sell artworks and prints by other street artists as well as his own i.e. Eine, Sten&Lex, DeadBeat Donnie, Le Krah, Peripheral Media Project, Highraff, Zosen, Kafre. Since the opening last year the Pure Evil dungeons have scooped up a reputation as an amazing art space with notorious parties. Mr. Pure Evil himself is always to find at the back of the gallery working away; and indeed you’ll find him not very pure and not very evil. In fact quite the opposite, but he is obsessed with the dark evilness of human history and his art reflect this obsession.
Pure Evil trys to answer the following questions such as -

‘Why do humans like conflict and explosions so much?’

“Are penguins naturally psychopathic and can they use nunchakus effectively?’

‘Is earth actually a deep space battle station created millions of years ago by an evil galactic empire?’


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Yep – Your very own interactive graffiti wall – grafitti your very own wall without looking over your shoulder for someone to tell you to get off thier property, wearing a mask and gloves or worrying about running out of paint!

This interactive drawing tool allows users to create images on a large wall using a modified spray paint can. The can contains no paint but instead a button and sensor that is tracked by a computer. You can print out a pdf of your image when your done.

More details at yrwall



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